we are ISO 27001 certified

Great news! Simaje’s ISO 27001 certification has just been renewed with a remarkably low rate of compliance gaps. We’re proud to uphold the utmost data security standards, aligning with the most stringent IT infrastructures. By choosing Simaje, you’re ensuring unparalleled data protection and enhancing team flexibility and organisational resilience. Our dedicated services are available 24/7, merging security with agility.

What does it mean to be ISO 27001 certified?

  • 24/7 security agents on-site
  • Separate and secure workspaces for our Data Designers, Executive assistants and administrative services teams
  • Due diligence of the integrity of our staff embedded in our recruitment & HR processes
  • Strict rules apply to our staff on-site
  • Raising awareness of standards and the rationale for them through continuous training
  • Spare IT equipment ready at all times and emergency offices in the event of a major incident on the main premises
  • Constant monitoring of processes by an IS manager to maintain security in the face of rapidly evolving methods of hacking or intrusion
  • Maximum security level in all PCs’ settings
  • Systematic removal of customer data from our systems post-completion of work

These are just some of the concrete measures we take to protect your information systems. We are subject to a strict yearly audit to renew our ISO certification.

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