who we are

who we are

Simaje is the parent company of three subsidiaries.


Worldwide creation & design of impactful PowerPoint presentations


Worldwide Office & Admin support, reliable and highly skilled outsourcing


Facility management in Morocco

Looking back

Simaje was created in 2008 in Paris by Freddy Houdart and Stephanie Rogers, both coming from the computer graphics profession where they worked within a large consulting group. "We are therefore well aware of Simaje clients’ stakes, deadlines and needs around the world. This knowledge has thoroughly been shared to our teams. One of the reasons to trust us."

Worldwide service provider

Simaje holds offices in both Paris and Casablanca. Major international companies benefit from our professional approach of business graphic design, more specifically mastering the PowerPoint experience, and high-end outsourced services. Today, around 100 persons deliver continuous and high-quality services all around the world.


A symbol of the Franco-Moroccan friendship and rich collaboration between East and West, we continuously invest in our host country, whether it be through the recruitment of our local colleagues or through our sponsorship actions, such as our commitment to the Reforest’Action programme in Morocco.

our business approach
our business approach

Data security

It is essential for us that your data and content are protected. We take confidentiality and security very seriously and that is why Simaje Emeakom is proud to be ISO 27001 certified as having effectively implemented an information security management system. More than just a simple process, this is a core routine.


The word « premium » describes everything we do, meaning tailor-made services designed with great care and given by a dedicated team, whose members have all been specially trained in-house in the expected skills. We strive for excellence in everything, regardless of whether it is content, deadlines or volumes. Nothing less will do.

Customer oriented

As artificial intelligence and new technologies are increasingly used to communicate with customers and gain efficiency in our daily tasks, we strongly believe that a personalized relationship with our clients adds value to the end-result. We offer specialized, personal contact, fully #dedicated to your project and available 7 days a week.

Caring for the environment
Caring for the environment

Like any responsible business committed to implementing its corporate responsibility, Simaje is aware of its environmental impact and acts at all levels to minimize its carbon footprint. Within the company, various actions are carried out such as sorting waste, using second-hand computer equipment and reducing energy consumption.

Simaje has been involved for the last 10 years in protecting the environment through contributing to an active reforestation programme. By supporting Reforest’Action, we contribute to the planting of fruit trees on permaculture plots in Morocco. Raising a greater environmental consciousness, we aim to make a difference: every effort helps.

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