Don’t choose between performance and security

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☂️ How to prevent or block macros from running in your Microsoft office files ?
Macro-based malware are back! Microsoft has therefore rolled out a new group policy update that blocks macros from loading from the internet in high-risk scenarios, thus helping to prevent the risk of macros.

🛡️ How to prevent macros in Word, Excel and Powerpoint files from being executed from the internet?
By default, macros files are enabled based on the macro warning setting. Files are identified as coming from the internet based on the zone information added to the file by the attachment execution service.

⚙️How to proceed ? 
👉 Run gpedit.msc and navigate to the following setting:
👉 User configuration > administrative templates > microsoft word > word options > security > trust center.

Source : comment empêcher ou bloquer l’exécution des macros dans les fichiers microsoft office – tech tribune france